Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Lakshman is our very sunny boy.  He was born on Groundhog's Day and sure enough the day broke sunny and bright.  The little critter saw his shadow and now we have six more weeks of winter.   

Lakshman and I went to my parent's new house site and experienced that winter first hand.  It was heaven for mommy because he was bundled up under layers of coats and blankets and snuggled up on my lap the whole time.  Love that on his birthday he could still be my baby. 

 He has been beyond excited about his birthday too.  I wanted his day to be so magical and it was.  He had a donut cake for breakfast.  The type of cake I knew he would eat. We had a few school friends over for lunch.  He was squealing with excitement over and over, "it's my pawty!"  Then ran around playing with his friends.  Except of course he didn't consider the donuts as a real cake he had a great day. 

This little guy has been through a lot last year.  It's funny because he will talk about wanting to go back to Dallas sometimes to see his friends there.  I'm happy the hospital was a positive experience for him.  

He loves animals.  He transforms into a different animal every day.  And, if he doesn't want us calling him bear or bunny or jaguar anymore, he remembers to deactivate.  

He is loud and a fast.  He loves his friends.  He does his super run with them on the playground.  He is learning to relate and talk to them, when at the beginning of the year all he could talk about was pokemon.  Which nobody else understood.  I think speaking like Pikachu was a kind of defense mechanism.  He loves getting lunch after school with his buddies.  They eat fries and play in the sand pit at P. Terry's.  

He would gummies at every meal if we let him.  But he also likes noodles, pizza, rice, tofu, green beans, cucumbers, cruncy carrots, fried eggs, waffles and cashews.  He is making so much progress. 

He loves his brother and sister so much.  He loves battling with Avinash, who he has to drag away from the tv up to the playroom with him.  He hangs on her every word.  

He is speaking so clearly now.  And he has a lot to say.  And is not easily swayed from his opinions on matters.  It was very cloudy and rainy here for a while so a lot of birds were hanging out on the lamp posts.  I pointed out a few hawks to him.  He very proudly told Ryan, I see that Falcon.  That Falcon named Eagle.  And couldn't be told otherwise.   

He still loves going for donuts and haircuts with his Nana.  He has been pointing out to me how his last haircut wasn't good because his hair is too long and too curly.  So, now he needs a new haircut and a new lollipop.  He took the lollipop off of every Valentine card before reluctantly and sheepishly handing them over.  He has also figured out that he should try to get two lollipops instead of one whenever the chance arises.  He even got a nice lady to buy him one at Hobby Lobby the other day.  HA!

He loves Disney and talks about the rides a lot.  He uses the full name Tokyo Disneyworld and Disneyland, very emphatically.  Not sure how he's going to feel about visiting the parks in America.  Lakshman opened his own fortune cookie the other day and started reading it right out. "You gonna go on a Pooh ride, hunny hunt. You gonna go on a Di-Diego ride!!"

Happy Birthday baby boy!  You are so loved!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

14 Cards from one Kit | Valentines Day Card Making Inspiration for Cocoa Daisy Kits

I sometimes get on a card making tear.  I had run out of birthday cards, so I started making some of those with old kits.  Then I started working with whatever scraps I had leftover from my January Buttercup kit.  Even though I had made 6 projects already it turned out I had a lot! 

I paired the kit with some leftover die cut "love"s from a Girl Scouts project I put together recently.  I ended up making over a dozen cards and decided to push through for the full 14!  Just in time for Valentine's Day! 

The kit included a sheet of gold marbled vellum.  I always love having the extra layer for cards.  I think it really helps add dimension.  I used most of the vellum on my projects but I had enough scraps leftover to layer with on the cards.

This DITL card made putting a card together very easy. I stitched a batch of cards at one time, including this one.
I used the "as you wish" stamp to add a little background to this DITL card. 

This is one of my favorite cards of the bunch.  It says PS. I love you when you open it, but I forgot to snap a photo.  The XO die cut is punched from a shipping tag that came with the kit.  I popped up the circles with pop dots to add more dimension.  I love simple cards. 

I cut down a 3x4 card for the sentiment.  See how I sprinkled little bits of the gold marble everywhere?  Here it is just a strip.  The floral die cut helps finish it off. 

More circles! 

Loved the moon themed embellishments this month.  I played it up on this card with a dark patterned paper, and a circular punched sentiment.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

4 Scrapbook Layouts and 2 Pocket Pages | January Cocoa Daisy Kit Buttercup

I don't know if it is the fact that we had just gotten back from Disneyland when I got this kit, but this month's offerings from Cocoa Daisy were pure magic.  What else can you expect from a Princess Bride inspired kit I guess? The deep blues and varying hues of pink and magenta are so royal and luxurious feeling.  The perfect thing to perk any winter doldrums and ideal for Valentines.  But, more on that later. 

The idea for this Minnie Ears / Mickey Ears page swam around in my head for days.  I loved the idea so much but I was too obsessed to glue anything down and make it final.  So I printed my photo, fussed with the tag and the arrangement of the embellishments.  I selected just the right rub-ons and die cuts.  Added a strip of patterned paper.  Typed out my journaling.  Still, I worried about those ears!  Sometimes simple pages are the hardest.  I finally just used some liquid glue (clear glue from Martha Stewart) and placed the velvet ribbon how I wanted it.  It has held its shape remarkably well over the month. 

dreamy/beautiful | I actually made this page first. I chose this picture because it was one of the most favorite pictures of the whole trip.  I was pleasantly surprised after printing it out to see that the colors matched the kit perfectly.  Her dress is just the right colors and the umbrella adds a great pop of red for contrast. 

brilliant/dream big | I loved the patterned paper filled with project life cards so much.  Each one was lovelier than the last. I knew I had to use them together on a layout.  I created a partial grid and printed out many 2x2 photos.  Only two made it onto the layout, along with a 3x4 photo that had a full pattern feel from the mosaic in the background.  I trimmed each card down a little bit so there would be a border on the page. 

Imagination is the only cure for reality | I used a large Lewis Carroll quote for my title here.  I just love long titles on scrapbook pages (when I can think of them). Especially when the thickers are as lovely as these gold filigreed ones. 

 My plan is to make 9x12 pages of our trip this winter and keep them together in one album.  I made a divided pocket page to go with the Tea Cups page.  This page focuses on more Alice in Wonderland photos too for the most part.  The key motifs in this kit seemed very apt. 

DITL | I made one more divided pocket page of our Disney trip.  I cut out a lot of cards from the patterned paper.  I cut out the O in love and put a little Dumbo photo behind it.  So cute! 

Thank you for taking a look at my projects this month! I hope you enjoyed them.  I will be back with the rest of the projects I made this kit and a card making video. Go to the Cocoa Daisy page to shop for the full kit and see the rest of the designs.  

You can see all of my Cocoa Daisy Projects here

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