Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Currently | October 2017

Land of Nod Tour Bus// Like I'm going to turn down a chance to visit Land of Nod, IRL.  It was basically just a lot of furniture to look at (and not buy) and a tote bag coloring activity. 

It is Lakshman, so he somehow managed to make it fun.  He loved the giraffe bus.  We read about each of the characters and he laughed at Paul Frank's descriptions.  He introduced himself to the organizers.  He tried out all the chairs.  As you do. 

Picture Day // What the hecker happened here??

I don't know, somehow after six years I am still hopeless at curly hair.
I really tried.  I spent hours.

I just don't know.

And, they both look like they are being forced to smile against their will by their stage mom.  Really, really hoping the school will have retakes.

Super Lakshman // Target has all these cute super hero accessory sets in the dollar spot right now. All the kids are having a ball with them but Lakshman takes his powers really seriously. 
A sweet lady (whom I had never even met before) called him Super Lakshman on Sunday.  

He is known far and wide. 

T-Ball // Lakshman is playing T-ball again this fall. He had just turned three when he played in the spring.  He is still the youngest now and keeping up with the other kids is getting to be a bigger challenge.  This was the best part of our week in the spring.  Everything was so fun and cute and relaxed.  Why do kids sports have to get so aggressive so early on?

Foxy and Moxie // It was below 80 degrees here for a few hours, so I naturally dressed Lakshman in a thick knit hat for his field trip to the Nature Center.
In addition to being a super hero, he fashions himself a Wild Kratt.   He was psyched to see the fox there, of course, and named him Foxy.  Next to him is the bobcat Moxie.  The same Bobcat Avinash got to see when it came to the Nature Center as an abandoned baby, probably four years ago.  It is so fun to see the same excitement for animals in his little brother now.
We saw the crazy huge Raven Pogo too.  Lakshman taught his friends that Ravens say "Nevermore" just like I taught him.  Gotta love kids who still take everything literally.

Am I not supposed to keep asking him what a Raven says and then laughing when he says Nevermore? No?

Reading // The Books of Bayern. This is a great little young adult fantasy series.  We started out reading Goose Girl together, but I enjoyed that book so much, I ended up reading ahead on my own.  
Someday I will be able to read regular adult books again.  But the day is not here yet.
Can I still say baby brain when the baby is over three years old? No?

Making // Getting caught up on Project Life.  I still love this project.  It feels good to get caught up.  I found that I had more documented than I thought I had because I have a lot of lengthy posts on instagram.   It is so nice to quickly print out journaling.  I am also starting another year with Cocoa Daisy and I could not be more thrilled!

Planning //  So excited about fall finally being here.  Can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch again. Go trick or treating.  And going back to the Disney for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! We are going on the first day of November with some friends and I love that we are going to be extending the Halloween season even longer.  Diwali is coming up too.

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When is Diwali this year? 

Diwali is on October 19 in 2017. 

Check out my favorite Diwali Decorating Ideas here! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

We are all mad here | The Mad Tea Party with Alice

 Sometimes Disney World offers you up a serving of magic so amazing that it completely floors you.  Everyday is full of wonder and joy but this experience totally blew us away.

Nandini was dressed in her fancy blue dress with a white sash, and a furry cat wrapped around her neck while we waited in line to meet Alice.  When she walked up the path she asked the her to actually ride the tea cups with her!

Nandini, our shy and quiet girl, shocked us and went willingly on the ride. Alice asked Avinash and Lakshman to come along too. Avinash of course wanted to join and even little Lakshman needed almost no reassuring.

The cast members were so sweet about it and happy for the kids.  One of the character guides, told me she had seen Nandini and then sent a message down the rabbit hole about her for Alice.  One of the ride attendants all the way at Winnie the Pooh even asked us about it later.

This trip was all about Alice in Wonderland.  We had tea at the Grand Floridian.  

We even ran into the Mad Hatter.  

And he mocked me.  

"That is not a hat!" 

I have a lot of fun hats that I wear to Disney World, but somehow at this time I had a towel on my head.  In my defense it was super hot out. 

Case in point.  

Alice thought I made it myself.  

I'm glad that I project craftiness wherever I go. I got it at the Magic Kingdom years ago and sadly they no longer make any hats of this kind. 

We went back to see Alice on a different too.  Lakshman and I went to see her first thing in the morning.  Then we came back with all the kids because she was so funny and sweet.  

She loved Avinash's March Hare Disneybound.  She was a little worried about his lack of ears and plucked those two leaves from the garden and gave it to him.  He carried them around proudly all day.  

As we left, she called out to him, "So lovely to see you March Hare! And such a treat to see you in August, not even in March." 

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

4 Projects to get you excited for fall with the Cocoa Daisy Early Sunset kit!!


Neglected Garden// Nandini and I love listening to this Studio Ghibli song, it is on almost constant repeat these days. I have been wanting to put the lyrics on a page for a while and this gorgeous patterned paper was perfect for it. I fussy cut the large flowers out but I wanted to create a definite space for them to occupy on the oage. I went through so many ideas in my head but eventually settled on a water color and stitched border.  

Autumn// This page came together as a little bit of an elaborate grid. I balanced out all the different colors and oatterns with the plain white bubbles die cut, a version of the design on this month's stamp set.

 PL spread // I love the garden theme in this month's kit. Which of course to me meant faerie garden. The foxes were too sweet and reminded me of Lakshman so much, even though he wants to be a big boy, not a baby and he now wants to be a gecko.

Eclipse // This is definitely one of my favorite projects in a while. I will post a video with more details of how I created this shortly. The shiny sequins and constellation rub ons were just so cool!  

Saturday, July 1, 2017


The 100 day project is an incredible call to action for artists.  100 days to work on your craft, see your growth and see that inspiration is all around you.  You will not run out.  You will learn to keep your eyes open and find more.  

You can read more about it on the official website here

Getting started was probably the hardest part for me.  I wanted to chose a subject that would give me lots of variety.  I originally planned to use different mediums along the way.  I decided to make my project about wreaths, but decided to start with watercolor for simplicity's sake.  

I posted all of my projects on Instagram using the #100daywreathproject.  Finding a unique hashtag was not that easy either!  

Once I started watercoloring, I couldn't stop. I did a piece almost every single day, and some days I did two.  I have not run out of ideas yet.

I learned a lot about watercoloring backgrounds.  Letting the paint do the work and letting the water flow. My galaxy Shakespeare quote was a lot more sophisticated looking than my egg background above.

Finding quotes to letter inside my wreath was a natural extension.  Finding great quotes is something I have loved since I was a kid.  I even had a quote dictionary.

I found that painting a background added a lot to the designs.

I used a regular old crayola marker to letter this one and loved the brush script look it gives.

I got a lot of inspiration from my own garden but I also looked at stuff like Pinterest too.  This one was lifted pretty closely.  

When I was lettering I would often look at script fonts as a guide.  I love thin delicate strokes.  

A walk to the turtle pond at the University of Texas, became the inspiration for a piece one day.

At times when I didn't have access to my paints I would color something with crayons.  Hilariously these two pieces look very similar in real life but photographed way differently.  Sorry crayons, I just don't know how to capture you! 

Thick letters with a prominent shadow this time. 

I also had the opportunity to take a lettering course through Hand Lettered Design collaboration with Cocoa Daisy, my scrapbooking design team.  

Serif Caps and Script letters are my favorites from the course so far.  And the flourishes!  Those are not easy, but so fun to practice.

Doing this project has not made me feel completely transformed as an artist.  But I have learned a lot.  I am not sure what to do with all these but I really hope to make a set of prints and put them up in my Etsy shop soon.

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